The handheld PC

SMACH Z is the first handheld console to play your games on the go. All the games you love are now in your hands, from AAAs to indies, strategic MMOs or action FPS. SMACH Z adds another dimension to gaming, bringing your existing PC game library with you everywhere.

A new handheld generation rises.


Powered by AMD

We have chosen AMD’s powerful embedded low-powered SoC with its blazing fast performance and power efficiency on portable devices. Thanks to their support for SMACH Z, the dream of playing your PC games on the go is on its way to coming true.

"We love the project, it's pretty amazing! When we first met the SMACH Team we were immediately on board to help support them. SMACH Z will bring an exciting new dimension to your games"

Stephen Turnbull, AMD's Director of embedded product marketing.

1080p 5" Touch screen

With 441 pixels per inch, your games will look Epic. Thanks to its OLED technology it will draw less power. The incredibly wide Full HD SMACH Z screen will make everything look brilliant. It's simply superb.

+ 5 hours of battery life

More than 5 hours of battery life to play everywhere. Plus the option to connect an extra battery to double the duration. SMACH Z will be your perfect travel companion. Never stop playing.

64GB internal memory

64GB* of internal memory. SMACH Z also has a SD card slot to expand the storage and bring with you all the games you want.

* 128GB in SMACH Z PRO

4Gb RAM Memory

4GB* of RAM is perfectly adequate to play any modern title. Additionally, SMACH Z has 2GB of dedicated GPU memory. Seriously amazing.


A uniquely
Control experience

SMACH Z expands the ways you can interact with your games. The keys scheme is similar to the official Steam Controller, featuring two touch pads, a joystick, 4 action face buttons, 4 trigger buttons and 2 additional action buttons in the rear-back. It works well even with the games designed without controller support in mind.

Fully customizable controls, anyone will be able to create their own custom control schemes. Find your favorite mappings in the Steam Community, or create and share your own.

Magic Z-Pads. A revolutionary idea
for the classic gamers

If you prefer more traditional controls, the Magic Z-Pads are adapters to configure the SMACH Z controls your way.

Just connect the Magic Z-Pad add-on on top of any of the touchpads and play. This simple yet magic solution will permit you to play with a real D-Pad on your SMACH Z, add a second stick or add more buttons. There are plenty of combinations.

Retro Magic Z-Pads: And now, imagine to have all your classic console controllers in your pocket. Emulators in SMACH Z will be awesome.

Fast connectivity

SMACH Z connects to fast Wi-Fi and when you’re not near a Wi-Fi hotspot, SMACH Z PRO connects you to fast cellular data 4G networks. USB 3.0 type C, HDMI, bluetooth, SMACH Z is plenty of possibilities.

SMACH Z has been designed to be an autonomous handheld, but If you are at home, you can also stream games from your PC via WIFI or HDMI. This allows you to play games that aren't still supported by SMACH Z operating system, or use the power of your PC to play more demanding games from the comfort of your couch.

*4G only in SMACH Z PRO.

Colors that match your games

SMACH Z Deep Black is the basic edition. But you can get it also in five gorgeous colors: Silver, Pearl White, Red Fire, Radioactive Green or Indigo. It is difficult to choose only one.

More powerful, bigger disk, front-camera and connection everywhere. Recommended if you are going to play demanding games, for youtubers, or for MMO players that need to play always online.

Great performance and potential in your hands, powerful enough to play any game in the market. Even the most demanding games run effortlessly.

128GB HD
4G connectivity

More than 1,000 games

SMACH Z will be compatible with more than 1,000 games from the launch day. All your favorite games. AAA, indies, strategy, RTS, action, FPS, adventure, MMO, mods. PC games catalog is bigger and better than ever and new great games are arriving every day.

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